Saturday, May 11, 2013

Zebra Baby Shower Cake

Happy Saturday everyone!

This week I got to make a new recipe, and I have to admit I was pretty nervous about it. I am such a perfectionist, and so when I agreed to make a cake for our charge nurse's surprise baby shower, I knew I had to make something impressive, tasty, and it had to be perfect. Originally, I had seen a pin on Pinterest of making cake balls, and then baking them in cake batter. When you cut the cake, you would see different colored balls. But I had a change of heart on Tuesday(2 days before the shower). I had also seen a post somewhere of making a zebra stripe or rainbow layer cake.

I searched the internet, and it turns out that it is really easy to make. Are you ready?

Ingredients for the cake:
1 box white cake mix(I used vanilla) & ingredients used to make it

Make cake mix according to box. Now, since I wanted to do white and baby blue I halved my batter, but if you want to do more colors separate the batter based on how many different colors you want to use. Spray your cake rounds with non-stick spray and then flour the inside of them.

This next process will take a while, but it is worth it for the outcome. Take 2 tbsp of the first color and put it in the middle of the cake rounds. Next, place 2 tbsp of the next color in the center of the first color. Keep the process going until you are out of batter. This process took me about 35 minutes, and the batter will eventually spread out over the entire bottom of the baking rounds.

Please ignore that it's sideways. I can't get it to turn  
This is how your cake will look when you finish laying the batter. Bake the cake according to box directions. Mine was perfect at 28 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove cakes from pans and allow to cool completely. While it is cooling, you will have time to make your frosting.

Ingredients for homemade buttercream icing:
2 sticks butter softened
1 tsp vanilla
1-2 tbsp heavy whipping cream
3-4 cups powdered sugar

Mix butter on medium until it is whipped and fluffy. Next add vanilla and 1 tbsp whipping cream. After mixing thoroughly, add cup by cup of powdered sugar until you are satisfied with the texture. I added another tbsp of whipping cream between cups 3 and 4 to thin the icing out just a tad. Now you are ready to frost!

After frosting the cake, I had more icing left over, so I added blue food coloring until I was satisfied with the color. Then I used my Wilton decorating tips and bag to add the finishing touches.

I was very pleased with the outcome, and I was praying that it was going to be delicious the next day.

I put the cake in the refrigerator overnight, and at 0640, the cake was in the Women's and Children's classroom ready for our surprise later that day. Our charge nurse was back from her ultrasound about 12, and the floor was buzzing with excitement. We enjoyed a nice lunch with homemade salsa, buffalo chicken dip, fruit, cocktail weenies, croissants, homemade chicken salad, homemade dessert tortilla chips, fresh punch, and probably a couple of other items I can't remember. Our expectant mother was showered with lots of adorable gifts and love from fellow employees, and we were all excited to be a part of her big day. Now all we have to do is wait for our little love to arrive!

The inside of the cake(and the last slice)

I hope you all enjoy this fun idea. What colors will you use?

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