Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Miracle

On November 10th, our lives changed forever because the precious gift that we had been waiting for made his arrival. Because my angel is sleeping, I wanted to share our journey with you.

In July 2013 we started infertility treatments after 11 months of trying to get pregnant on our own. Dr. Harper ran several blood tests and I was diagnosed with having an ovulatory dysfunction. We tried 3 different pills to get me to the point of ovulation and it took 6 weeks. Crazy huh? After that first cycle and no pregnancy, Dr. Harper wanted me to start injections. I remember being terrified walking into Huntsville Hospital to purchase the vials and not knowing how much we were going to pay. As Chris and I were walking out I remember looking at him and crying. We were walking out of the hospital with $1600 worth of medicine that would only last a month. The plus? We only paid $160. That night I cried again. I was breaking down because I was scared of giving myself a shot in the tummy. My patients won't think twice when I have to give them shots but I break down (what was going through my head.)

The shots continued and still no pregnancy. In November, I went back to HH again. Not to purchase medication but for an HSG (they inject dye into your cervix and it spills out of the fallopian tubes. If there is a blockage it opens it and usually you get pregnant quicker.) We ended up having the egg and sperm meet, but they didn't implant. Most women have this happen and they don't know but because of the fertility monitoring we knew. It killed me and satan attacked harder. Chris kept reminding me of the promises God had given us. In December we tried the first iui (intrauterine insemination.) Basically how it works is I continue the shots until by blood work and ultrasound I'm favorable for ovulation. Then I do another shot to trigger ovulation and we perform the procedure ($300.) You then wait 2 weeks and take a test. It's nerve-wracking. December and January resulted in negative tests. February was our last scheduled iui. If we weren't pregnant, we were going to meet with Dr. Harper and talk about more advanced measures. Chris was leaving for San Francisco for a week at the end of that month too.

I begged Chris to let us stop. I couldn't take it anymore. No more shots or disappontment. We even started looking through adoption agencies to decide where we wanted to begin. I'm so thankful that my husband is the incredible leader of our house that he is. He wouldn't let us stop. He never gave up hope. The iui was scheduled for the 26th of February.  My 24th birthday was the 23rd. Do you know what happened? I got pregnant before the iui.

My lab work was soaring each time it was taken. We were told to expect multiples at 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. At 6 weeks, we had our first ultrasound and at 7 weeks we heard Isaiah's heartbeat for the first time. All I could do each time was cry. My promise was being fulfilled.

Now we have a perfect 3 week old little boy whom we love dearly. He is already so strong and determined. We can't wait to see what God does in his precious life.

Infertility is not the path I would have chosen but now it's one I'm very thankful for. It strengthened my relationship with God and our marriage. It taught me to have more grace with those that didn't understand and said something I took personally. I learned that I wasn't a failure. God doesn't make those. I'm the daughter of the king.