Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cupcakes and Pecan Pie Muffins.....MMMMM!!

What a crazy week is has been!! I precepted for the first time on Monday. From the moment I walked onto the floor until I got off, I hit the floor running. Several of the clients in my care I wish I could have adopted. SO sweet!!!

It fully hit me that I am so soon to be a registered nurse. I will be caring for patients for over 12 hours-yes, nurses can't go home until its all finished. I will be saving lives, touching lives, and making a difference for every life I come in contact with, but my life will be touched, my life will be changed, and my patients will and have changed my life for the better. It touches my heart and my soul to build a trusting relationship with my patients and have them tell me how wonderful I will be once I am a "real nurse." Nothing in this world could be better, right?

The nurses that are on my floor are wonderful. Everyone is so nice, happy, and welcoming. All of them are excited to help and answer questions. Well, I wanted to make a good impression for the floor I am on because these 3 months I precept is like a 3 month long interview. SO, Monday I took them cupcakes :)
I made 24 and came home with 3!! I wasn't there Tuesday, but a classmate was. She told me that they talked about them all day :)

On Thursday while taking a break from studying for an upcoming test, I found a recipe for pecan pie muffins. Shut the front door! My husband was pretty excited.

First: preheat your oven to 350 F.
You really don't have a lot of ingredients, and you may already have them all at home.

What you will need:
1 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cups AP flour
1 cup chopped pecans
2/3 cups softened butter
2 whole eggs beaten

In a medium sized bowl, add the brown sugar, flour, and pecans. Mix them together well. In another bowl, mix together the butter and the eggs. Once the egg/butter mixture has been blended, add it to the dry mix.

Make sure to spray your muffin tin with Pam before adding the muffin mix.

One recipe I looked at said that this recipe made 8 regular sized muffins, but I fixed mine to make a dozen.

My muffin spaces are filled a little less than 2/3 full, and they turned out to be a pretty good size for either a snack or to combine with other breakfast goodies.

Bake them for about 20-24 minutes. When 20 minutes had passed when mine were baking, I wasn't sure that they were finished because they were glazed on top. The fork test proved me wrong!

These little jewels were perfect! AND....a close up!

MMMMMM!!!!!! I had one right after I pulled them out of the oven. This absolutely made my day. I hope you enjoy these, and if you have any recipes for me to try, I would be glad to make that happen :) Have a great weekend!