Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Wife

This time last year, I was finishing my second semester in nursing school at UAH. I was stressed to be max 1. because I cannot stand psych and 2. I was a little over a month away from walking down the aisle. All I remember is having so much to do.

The end of April was incredibly stressful because of finals and the always dreaded HESIs, but something was different last year. On April 27th, I had to go in to UAH to do simulations. I remember being terrified and within 2 hours of being at the school, we had already been under lockdown twice. Chris and I made it home safely, but we weren't out of the clear yet. The first day following the torndado, Chris and I got our power back. His family came over and I took care of their needs while Chris volunteered with our church. He came home burdened and in a state I have never seen him in. This was the first time that I got to care for him with what I felt like was a wife.

The days following we volunteered with our church to bring in supplies, prepare meals, open our house to friends/neighbors, and volunteer clean up. Chris and I both had to debrief each other when we got home, and that's when it fully hit that I had nothing to worry about or stress about compared to everyone we had seen.

Our relationship grew even more, and I was anxiously waiting to walk down the aisle to my future. May 22 was a beautiful day. Our pictures were perfect, the cakes were beautiful, the wedding party was fabulous with all that went on, and most of all our families were there to love us through the biggest day of our lives thus far. I walked down the aisle to the same song my Mom did, and all I could do was cry. This moment was beautiful and overwhelming. I was about to be named Mrs. Christopher Rigoni II.

From that day until now, I have been the most blessed wife in the world. My precious husband, who is 5 years older than me, never fails to let me know how much I mean to him. It can be just a look to see the passion in his beautiful green eyes to playing with my hair on days when I can't sleep. He is the best answered prayer, and I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven preparing me for him and him for me. I would wait a thousand more years just to be with him one more day.

In the next month, a lot of celebration will be happening. My pinning ceremony is May 4, graduation May 5, and a couple weeks after we will be celebrating our one year anniversary. I can't wait!!

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